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Process Services

We provide timely process service at reasonable rates. We offer a client portal, so you can receive real-time updates and GPS verification of your important needs.  We handle your documents in any county or municipality in the nation.

By using our secure-login portal, you can track your invoices, manage and upload your jobs, and watch our activity at any time. We put you in control of your important legal papers because we believe you know what you want, and we are here to make that happen.

Private Investigations

We understand the need for expedient, discreet, and professional investigations during litigation. We employ state-of-the-art equipment, secure cloud-based interactive software, and instant reporting all at your fingertips at no additional cost.

For witness interviews and transcription, our investigators are highly trained and accredited in motivational interviewing and deception detection. All interviews are recorded and transcribed verbatim in our office for use in future depositions and trials. Witness statements and transcriptions are undeniably valuable for the purposes of knowing whose testimony you want before ever stepping into a courtroom.

Surveillance requires seasoned investigators with years of experience to effectively surveil individuals or properties within the law. Every detail is vital and must be reported, recorded and populated into an investigator’s software.
Our goal is to help you easily navigate and communicate in a courtroom and to your clients. We provide surveillance, skip tracing, witness interviews, transcription, address searches, location services, loss prevention services and much more.

Surety Bonds

Nicholas Litigation Support is paving a path for a fresh approach to surety bail bonds. Long gone are the days of the quintessential bail bondsman. With our partner company, Nicholas Bail Bonds, we advocate for due process. We put community safety before profit and have developed a resource center for those who need services they may not be familiar with. Anybody can write a bond and make sure a defendant shows up for court. But it takes finesse and a deep understanding of the accused to advocate for a successful outcome of justice.

We provide monitoring in a “step-up” format or as a judge may order. At Nicholas Litigation Support, the accused is only accused and there is no presumption whatsoever. We simply advocate for an outcome of justice and enforce the appearance of criminal defendants through non-invasive techniques of building rapport and establishing mutual respect.


We provide personal, residential, and commercial security services. Mitigate your potential for loss by consulting with Nicholas Litigation Support, and let us help look for ways to secure what is most important to you.

Our security specialists are well-accredited and highly trained, many of whom are former military operatives. We spend countless hours in the field training to provide an elite security force for our most precious assets—our clients.”

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